Loads of people keeping asking me where I got my white dress from in the pic that I’ve uploaded and i’m sorry but I’m not going to tell anyone. I don’t want people buying it obviously do I lol. I’ve had people copy me a load before when I’ve posted things on the internet, from my hair, to my shoes, to my makeup. Go find your own fashion! 

Sorry if that sounds rude lol. But I’m sure other people must get like it too, say you got this really nice lipgloss and everyone compliments you on it, you dont want every other person walking about wearing it because you won’t look special in it anymore, you get me haha?

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Anonymous: Your figure is absolutely incredible in the picture you posted of you in the white dress. I am so jealous! How are you able to maintain it if you don't mind me asking?

Thank you, it’s just my natural shape I don’t go out my way to exercise, I dance about my room for an hour every morning and night though but apart from that I don’t go gym or walk anywhere or anything. I’ve naturally got a small waist and oh i do situps occasionally to try and keep my belly toned, but that’s only when i look in the mirror like once every two weeks and feel i look a little bigger, so it probably doesn’t make any difference. I’m just a naturally small girl with a tiny waist lol, sorry! xx

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